Archiv - Weitere Veranstaltungen

Berliner Recycling- und Rohstoffkonferenz

Vom 07.03.2016 bis 08.03.2016 in Berlin

2. Fraunhofer Fachtagung "Magnetwerkstoffe und Seltene Erden"

Vom 29.06.2016 bis 30.06.2016 in Hanau

Workshop on Environmental Concentrations, Cycling & Modeling of Technology Critical Elements

Vom 18.01.2017 bis 19.01.2017 in Rehovot, Israel

This workshop focuses on a range of trace elements, including the Platinum Group Metals, Rare Earth Elements, and Nb, Ta, Ga, In, Tl, Ge and Te, which are inclreasingly exploited and emitted due to their use in new technologies in the fields of communication, mobility and energy.